50th anniversary

freccia sinistra

Our dishes  are those of local tradition but with a  "piece" of innovation, keeping unmodified the perfums, the flavours and the colours of tradizional cooking of Langa.
A particolour attention is addressed to seasonality, to the reaerch of raw materials, to the products of territory e to the providers.
Our cooking is ready also to receive who has food intolerances like celiac disease or who easily adopted a vegan or vegetarian food style.

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The appetizers we porpouse in our men¨ are those of tradition: raw meat knife-beaten is the "Queen", the veal with tuna souce is the "King" but not less are our flans of seasonal vegetables, the various fondues, the tongue in sauce  and much more..

The first  dishes
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The noodles,  the "maltagliati" and all the fresh pasta for our first dishes is prepared by us, kneaded with biologic flour, using only tuorli yolks of raised ground hens. The raviole at "plin",  of our production too, got three rosated meat stuffing. The rices are always cooked following seasonality. The sauces of our first dishes offer  choosing among meat ,  vegetables,  cheeses and occasionally  also   fish.

The second dishes
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The meat of our second dishes is that of "Fassone" race, konwn for be very tender and tasty.It's fit for all cookings: "from the raw meat to the stew". The scamone with us becomes "la scottatta", the sottopaletta is used for the famous "Brasato at Barbaresco",
the filet is always the favourite one and we  porpouse it  with a rapid cooking  with  mushrooms, aromas, wine and much more.

The Cheeses
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Our cheese trolley offers  "Alp cheeses " and  "Cheeses of Langa". Obtained by raw milk, they mantain unique perfumes ,
different for any production. Our trusted supplier provides us fresh cheeses,  emi seasoned cheese, blue cheese and D.O.P.
From the High Langa and from  Roccaverano  town we supply of goat, sheep and Three milks "tuma" . All our cheeses  are accompanied by the  "cugnÓ"
which we prepare during the harvest season,  by biologic honey  and by Figs and fruits cooked following  handed down in family recipes.

Our desserts
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The chocolate and amaretti bisquits "Bunet" is the most famous, but  to the  "All nuts " cake with muscat eggnog,
iis surely imposssibile to renunce and the cooked cream is a classic never lacks.
The list is very long and surely don't lack ice creams and crafts sorbets with particoular flavours like the lavander one.

Our Laboratory
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During summer like the ants we  put in jars fruits and vegetables for the winter season. Peaches, pears , cherriesand much more become
canned fruits. Roasted peppers, bun aptit, tomatoes  and cucumbers become appetizers for the longs winter months.
Jams, figs, confectures  and CugnÓ make us to produce our desserts or to accompany the cheeses of our trolley.