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50th anniversary


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The Grandma in Kitchen
  First location

The  Grandma and uncle as bartenders
New and actual location

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Everything begins  in 1959 with the first location, when a peasant origin family, with always a great passion for  restaurants, decides to address to the management of  "Tre Stelle "  hotel  in the homonym locality. Among  cookers, bar, tobacco and emporium, like usual that days, began our hisotry. The turning point was at the beginning of '70s with the movement to actual  location and as reastaurant only .  Our experience in cooking is always set on the familiar traditions  of which nowadays still mantain unmodified  the concepts of natural and genuine food , of respect for territory and its traditions.  Therefore with great passion we continue everyday to make traditional cooking, with creativity and lightness requested nowadays.
With another of piece of innovation, at the beginning of '90s we decided to put beside our cooking set  "her majesty the pizza" ,  following also for "her" the same rigourous and well-kept disciplinary and the same obbligation which  give to our dishes, in ordere to assure her the role of Local Queen.